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Influenced by fashion, color, style and the entire world around her. Star Diaz has a keen eye for stylish ensembles and they are displayed in her signature Clutch designs. 

Born and raised in North Carolina. She began her artistic endeavors at an early age. Her grandmother was a seamstress and this is where her passion derived. She can create just about anything and is very good at it!

Every Clutch is designed, built and sewn by the designer in North Carolina! Often times, the ideas and patterns imagined in her whimsical mind were not offered, that's when she decided to start making her own custom fabrics.

The very first Clutch was a gift to her oldest niece and she loved it so much she had to post it on social media! That day changed everything. The hype grew quickly and soon clutches were in the hands of many friends, family and a few new loyal clients. She launched herself into the fashion business and ran with it.  

As the collection grows and evolves, Star Diaz holds true to delivering a very stylish and distinctive look in everything that she create!!